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Yaoi-centric icons, wallpapers, manga reviews with a dash of bitchiness.
Boys Next Door is cynbaby, thewaywardrose, misstea, firstmidnight, nomoreprinces and, of course, all of our fantastic writers.

We post site updates to this community as well as rants and general bitchiness. We're actually sweet girls once you get past the fact that we're rabid bitches. Yes, really.

Please feel free to comment. However, posting privileges are for Babes only. Nothing personal; we're just sick of deleting spam posts.

About our icons: Give credit to the community or maker in icon comments, please. We post these icons for everyone. If you don't credit our icons, other people won't know where to find them (and more) and the sharing ends.

About our wallpapers: These are for your personal use only. Do not distribute. Do not hotlink. Do not pass them off as your work. (Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.)

About our layout: It's by lockwizmeeee. They are mighty. Check them out!

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