Censorship, in my Kindle? You must be joking!

Our friend Jennifer LeBlanc, at The Yaoi Review brought this tour our attention.

“It appears the Amazon KINDLE has changed its Terms and Conditions to ban explicit images from being published on the KINDLE (See EDIT below for exact terminology). This issue started last month when Yaoi Press had a few of their titles, both manga and prose, pulled from the KINDLE with no explanation other than they were in direct violation of their Terms and Conditions. Yaoi Press’s founder Yamila Abraham has stated they will now have to change their explicit images on their prose titles to more ‘romantic’ images that will be acceptable to KINDLE.

Today Digital Manga has announced they too have had some of their 801 Media titles pulled, including Weekend Lovers and King of Debt. However, it appears this will also affect June Manga as KINDLE has rejected The Selfish Demon King and has banned The Color of Love. Unfortunately since these are manga and not prose like Yaoi Press’s titles, there is no way to alter the images to meet KINDLE’s Terms and Conditions.

I took a peek at Libre’s direct from Japan KINDLE releases but have not noticed any titles that are missing as of yet. That being said, I expect with some of the explicit Ayano Yamane and Youka Nitta titles they have that it is only a matter of time. My recommendation is to grab what you can get now before it is gone. The good thing with the KINDLE is that once you own it, it’s yours to keep. You also do not need to own a KINDLE to read their titles. You can use any number of their software apps to read them including KINDLE Desktop for both the PC and Mac.

I guess now we will just need to wait and see if Borders’ KOBO or Barnes & Noble’s NOOK will follow suit.

EDIT: To find where it specifies what content is acceptable, you need to actually look at their Content Guidelines. Very top items says Pornography with the following: “Pornography and hard-core material that depicts graphic sexual acts.” To further cover themselves, they have also added: Offensive Material: What we deem offensive is probably about what you would expect. Amazon Digital Services, Inc. reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of Titles sold on our site.

EDIT #2: While perusing Amazon’s KINDLE erotica stories, I found this little gem: No Holes Barred. It boasts: “51 full-color, high-resolution images! Warning: Full-frontal and full-rear female nudity. For adults only.”

EDIT #3: Thank you to Meichell for posting a response received from Amazon and GLAAD in comments below.

If you are unhappy with Amazon’s decisions, please let them know! Join our Call to Action by emailing Amazon and letting them know how you feel. “

Now, we’re hoping that Amazon will come to their senses, and this will be a repeat of the mess that happened back in 2009 (The Internet Was Made For Wank) when Amazon removed the sales ranking for many GBLT books.

But, it looks like it’s not going to be that simple this time.

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Smut Contest 2010

We have some sad news to report. Well, relatively sad. The 2010 Smut Contest was a bust. We didn’t receive enough fics to even fill the categories.

So, we are closing it and putting the contest idea on hiatus. Perhaps the time of fic contests is over? Maybe our fiction-writing fans have moved on from BL and/or BND? Possibly we didn’t advertise enough? Conceivably our themes were not what people wanted? You tell us!

In any case, we want to thank the authors who did participate! Also, a big thank-you to everyone who encouraged us to run a contest for 2010! We really appreciate you sticking with us.

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We’ve got reviews for you all! This time, we’re taking a look at Kizuna Deluxe Edition 1, Finder 1, Under Grand Hotel 2 and Stay Close To Me.

We also want to remind you all about the smut contest. With NaNoWriMo going on this month, this might be an excuse for some of you to get to writing.
There’s two sections of the contest, the kink challenge, and our regular challenges. You can read all the details here, at the contest site.


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Smut Contest Revised

We first want to thank everyone who has participated in the Smut Contest so far! However, six entries do not a contest make. With review and much debate, we have expanded our theme–now themes–and the cutoff date for submissions.

The historical theme still stands, but we are adding a kink bingo theme. Kink bingo is a familiar game, but we are changing the rules for ours. You do not need to connect squares like in actual bingo. (So, it’s not really bingo. Just play along, okay?) However, you do need to work in at least two kinks per fic. If you want to write an arc or multi-part, each arc or multi-part will have to incorporate at least four kinks.

• A Weiß Kreuz Crawford x Ken military/silence/orgasm-denial fic.
• A FFVIII Seifer x Irvine aphrodisiac/piercing/humiliation/phone-sex arc.
• A Dogs Badou x Heine corporal-punishment/gender-play story.

The submission deadline is now January 1, 2011 and winners will be announced mid-January.

If you have any concerns, questions, etc., please feel free to ask! To see the set of rules and how to submit your fic, click here!

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Reviews and a reminder

This week, we’re taking a look at ZE, 5 and The Tyrant Falls in Love, 1.

Don’t forget that the deadline for the smut contest is coming up! We’ve had a few more entries, and they’ve been posted here. But, we would like to see some more from you! We’re just greedy bitches like that.
The contest runs until October 1st, so get those entries into us!

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New Reviews!

This week we’re taking a look at Junjo Romantica, 12 and ZE, 4.

We also wanted to remind you about the 2010 Smut Contest. We’ve got one entry up so far, and are working at formatting and getting up some entries that we just received.

If you are planning to enter, just keep in mind that the deadline is October 1st!

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